About Us


BINGE BROS. was founded by industry veterans Craig George and Scott Winlaw in 2017 with a shared vision to create unique and original 'comedy based' IP out of their Vancouver Studio. 

With a primary focus on 'Creative Producing' BINGE BROS. prides itself on being an Original Content Developer, not a production studio. 

Through collaboration with Talented Writers, Artists, Filmmakers, Comedians and Creators, BINGE BROS. creates unique and original content for Film & Television that's both highly marketable and extremely 'BINGE' worthy.


Craig’s background is as a writer and illustrator, but he entered into the animation industry in the early 2000s. 

Starting out as a storyboard artist, he soon transitioned into Directing and has now worked on numerous projects for NICKELODEON, HASBRO, LIONSGATE FILMS, AMAZON PRIME, and DREAMWORKS ANIMATION. 

He was also Head of Story on the animated feature ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH and is currently directing on an animated series of an established DREAMWORKS property. 



Scott has been an editor, and director for over 20 years working on a diverse range of projects from Feature Films to Documentary Television. His work has been aired worldwide on major networks, including DISCOVERY, HISTORY, ABC, CBC, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, BBC CANADA, NETFLIX., and AMAZON PRIME.

In 2014, Scott joined OLYMPIC BROADCASTING SERVICES to work on a behind the scenes documentary on the MAKING OF THE GAMES for the Sochi Winter Olympics. 

He was also the Supervising Editor on the animated features ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, as well as THE WILLOUGHBYS, and most recently Robert Kirkman's animated series, INVINCIBLE.